Infinity Group of Institutions has been established to impart quality education within the reach of all who are willing to join professional programmes in Information Technology, Management, Paramedical, Nursing, etc. The programmes in the Institution will be ranging from Bachelor Level to the Master Level which can be afforded by all. The Institution, IGOI is started with the vision which is to educate the youths of today and connect them with employment opportunities tomorrow.

Generally, the word Institution conjures many different images: a stark building surrounded by a high concrete fence; a town hall; but in our opinion, an institution is successfully run with better selection of teachers and supporting staff members and here we say, we have achieved this. However, IGOI is being monitored by an excellent team of qualified and experienced people who are carrying the experience of more than 20 years of corporate and institutions both. The Institution is situated at Kursi on way to Mahmoodabad in Barabanki located at a green lush area spreading over 5 acre of land


We want to deliver impact for the Society. As a part of a truly national level Institution, rooted in Barabanki, one of the districts of Uttar Pradesh, we make a significant, sustainable and socially responsible contribution to the Nation.


We discover, develop and share the best knowledge with students As a Center of Academic Excellence, we aim to: Provide the quality, high research led-teaching and learning Enable our graduate students to be exceptional individuals quipped with the knowledge of latest tools and technologies.


We aim to connect with those students who come from poor families and are away from main stream education because of financial reason irrespective of their caste, creed and religion. We are dedicated to help them with all the best possible ways.


Technical Programmes

IGOI, as Counselling Center also counsels students for various programmes under various disciplines. Our team of counselors research for colleges, institutions and universities to provide the appropriate information to parents and students.

We counsel students for the below given programmes

Management Programmes


The Management Programmes are the internationally accredited programmes ranging from Diploma to Master for developing business and management skills amongst future business leaders and entrepreneurs. Seeking to build a career after pursuing the Management Programme is easy. Earlier, studying MBA programme and getting jobs was not very common and only rich people could afford that. But, now there are many government and private Colleges with reasonable fees structure where the admissions can be taken with our without entrance tests in order to complete the course. The MBA syllabus is quite simplified and focuses on deeply on the specialization.

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Engineering Programmes

Diploma, B.Tech.

Engineering programmes in India are undoubtedly the most sought after programs in India. Engineering degree is offered at the both undergraduate and postgraduate level. There is tremendous scope of research in engineering as well. Engineering degrees can offer vast variety of career opportunities, with graduates in demand in almost every sector of the economy. Though we are more aware of the traditional engineering courses like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, new engineering courses have also gained immense popularity in India. You can also opt for diploma or certificate programs in engineering as well. The engineering programs are offered in the IITs, NITs, in central universities and many private engineering colleges as well. The undergraduate engineering programmes is an academic degree awarded to a student after four years of studying engineering while the master degree programme is of 02 years as full time and 03 years as part time at universities in India. The engineering students having good technical skills can also apply for the jobs in the public and private sectors both. However, the students may also become entrepreneurs and may start their own IT company. There are various opportunities for the engineering students across the world.

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IT Programmes

BCA, B.Sc.(IT), MCA, M.Sc.(IT), etc.

The Information Technology programmes deal with various aspects of computer programming, architecture, application, software, operating system and related. Choosing Information Technology programmes are wise when you have good at Mathematics and understand algorithms. The Information Technology programmes are very popular in the category of professional programmes. The programmes in IT are ranging from Diploma to Master level depending upon the need of students. If he/she wants to take diploma/bachelor programme, he/she would have the options to choose from BCA, B.Sc.(IT), PGDCA, etc. In case of Master programmes, he/she would have the options to choose from MCA, M.Sc.(IT), etc. After the completion of Bachelor/Master degree programme in IT, he/she may try for jobs available in private and government sectors. Admissions to IT Programmes are based on the merit of students which he/she scores by appearing in entrance exams of government and private colleges/universities. The entrance exams differ from state to state the information of which is as follows; NIMCET, TANCET, MHTCET, IPUCET. AS of now, for admission in the Central Universities, you will have to appear in CUET-Central Universities Common Entrance Test. For your kind information, there are 45 Central Universities in India which open admissions from a Diploma Level to a Research Level Programme.

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Paramedical Programmes


Paramedical Programmes are medical training programmes that are job oriented. Paramedical programmes are quite training specific and train the students for real-life medical situations. The importance of Paramedical programmes has been realized by increasing need for skilled paramedics in the field of medical. This is important to mention that without paramedics the medical field will be crippled.

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Pharmacy Programmes

D.Pharma, B.Pharma

Pharmacy is not just about a drugstore. Those who study pharma degree or pharma diploma programmes can also choose research and development of medicine as a career option.

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Nursing Programmes

ANM, GNM, B.Sc. (Nursing)

The demand for healthcare professionals in India has increased with development of medical facilities. As a result of which, a number of students have started opting for medical programmes. Nursing is one of the most preferred programmes among various healthcare programmes available in India. There are a number of programmes offered in nursing under Diploma, UG, and PG Degrees. To become a nurse, one needs to choose the best nursing programme as per his/her choice. Nursing programmes in India are designed to train the candidates in general or specific nursing practices. Through these courses, students are well educated and trained about the disease management. However, nursing staff, after completion of programmes, help the patients in the hospitals and clinics. Moreover, the nursing staff is great in demand not only in India but also in abroad.

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Secondary & Senior Secondary Programmes

The Board of Open Schooling and Skill Education (BOSSE), Sikkim, is an open schooling board that aims to cater to the varied academic needs of the divergent group of students up to pre-degree level including Secondary/Senior Secondary, skill and vocational education. BOSSE is open schooling education board in Sikkim, was established under Act No. 14 of 2020 of the Sikkim Legislative Assembly, passed on 21-09-2020, according to the Sikkim Act 2020 to promulgate and disseminate the open schooling education at State & National level.

BOSSE has been granted Equivalence by AIU (Association of Indian Universities) for purposes of Higher Education and Employment. This implies that BOSSE pass outs are eligible to take admission in all Universities, Colleges and Higher Education Institutes throughout the country as well as abroad.

BOSSE has also been recognized by NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling), Ministry of Education, Govt. of India as an open schooling Board. Thus, the certificates of BOSSE are recognized at par with other Boards – both national as well as State level Boards of School Education.

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Vocational Programmes

Skill and Vocational Education is a vital component of all education initiatives. The National Education Policy 2020 also lays great emphasis on it so that our youth can become economically independent and earn their livelihood with dignity. BOSSE, Sikkim has also given utmost importance to Skill and Vocational education, which is evident from the name of the Board itself that contains ‘Skill Education’ apart from ‘Open Schooling’. Giving importance to Skills make education more inclusive and relevant. The main objective of BOSSE’s Skill Education Programme is to produce employable skilled middle-level work force, to fill the gap of unemployment. It is BOSSE’s endeavour to offer a wide variety of skill based vocational courses that are relevant for placement in the Industry.

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The promoters of IGOI come from a very humble background who are
running a First Class Charitable Organisation

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Nisar Ahmad

Chairman, IGOI

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Abrar Ahmad

Director, IGOI

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Iqrar Ahmad

Managing Director, IGOI

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As a Center of Academic Excellence, we aim to provide the quality, high research led-teaching and learning.
We discover, develop and share the best knowledge with students.

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